In this show, PSFK researchers discuss case studies and best-in-class examples that illustrate how leading retailers are using shopper data to enable tailored and dynamic customer experiences

With new technologies and in-store analytics, retailers have greater opportunity than ever to use customer data to improve their experience and ultimately drive sales. In this show, PSFK researchers explain how leading retailers are leveraging in-store insights to create a two-way value exchange between brand and consumer.

Drawn from PSFK's in-depth Shopper Data Debrief report, listen to president of Research and Strategy Scott Lachut and Senior Strategist Penn Whaling explain how retailers are using analytics and connected technologies to offer shoppers a superior customer experience, illustrating their use of recognition, tailored recommendations and promotions, and merchandising and store design through case studies and best-in-class examples.

For the full report, download the Shopper Data Debrief today.

Lead image: stock photos from VGstockstudio/Shutterstock