PSFK Innovation Tracker

Through a brand survey, PSFK offers its members insights into the world of innovation. Our data analysts poll a secial PSFK ‘Purple Panel’ of future-forward consumers each month to help our members understand which brands are pioneering and which need assistance.

A topline analysis of the data gathered in May 2018 can be found here.

Who are the respondents?

This poll data is based on the monthly scoring of over 500 global respondents. The panel is made up of PSFK readers who regularly read our newsletters. It is not a census weighted panel – it correlates with the profile of business professionals who read PSFK for innovation insights for their work.


How do you define the the different consumer groups?

The consumers define their own consumer type by answering from a classic profile question: “Compared to other people you know, how would you describe yourself?” Responses include:
– I am usually among the last to try a new product
– I am usually the first to try a new product

How do you choose the brands in the survey?

Brands are selected from:
– Brands that we monitor and we know are regularly innovating
– Brands that feature in a past or forthcoming PSFK research report
– Brands that feature in a particular industry vertical we cover
– Brands that have PSFK membership
We do not survey every brand every month as we also ask the panel for responses for questions not connected with this survey

How do you score the brands?

We start by asking the question “What Is Your Perception In Terms Of How Innovative Brand X Is?” and the respondents answer on a scale. We then weight the scoring based on how progressive the consumer is. The final scores are out of a maximum 100.

For more information on the Innovation Tracker and our plans, contact the PSFK team via the chat box.

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