PSFK Innovation Tracker

PSFK offers its members a new tracker for innovation. Our data analysts poll the PSFK ‘Purple Panel’ of future-forward consumers each month to help our data analysts understand which brands are pioneering and which need assistance.

March poll data is based on the answers of 399 global respondents. Scoring is weighted depending on consumer type. A topline analysis of March 2018 data can be found here.

The Innovation Tracker is a new offering from PSFK for its members. We will be conducting a poll with progressive consumers each month and a mix of brands will be reviewed in the survey; we’ll be reviewing some of the same companies month after month but you’ll also see other brands appear in the chart as we meander through topic areas. (In March, we studied the use of chat and chatbots, for example.)

For more information on the Innovation Tracker and our plans, contact the PSFK team via the chat box.

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