We are currently looking for culture experts, writers, and other in-the-know trendspotters from around China to contribute to our new book, to be published in association with Neocha: PSFK Snapshot: China. We are looking for creative thinkers with unique insight into the latest trends and innovations in any of the following fields:

Art & Music
Food & Drink

If interested, please provide the following in your inquiry email:

– Your name
– Your city of residence and how long you’ve lived there
– Your topics of expertise from the list (list all that apply)
– Your age
– Your occupation
– Do you own a digital camera?

As a consultancy, PSFK gets asked periodically to conduct innovation and trends research around the world. Contributors to this project may be asked to become official trendspotting scouts for PSFK’s future research projects. Contributors will also receive full credit in the book, as well a free copy of the finished work.

Project begins: Immediately
Please email your interest to editorial@psfk.com.

PSFK在国际创意圈里面非常有名并受人尊重。PSFK提供创意共享,大胆开放地接受新的点子,且不论它出自何处。它产生的唯一的途径是彼 此的相互合作。它吸引了对当今人们在观念、生活方式、购物方式以及品牌含义理解方面持有独特观点的全球博客撰稿人。
目前新茶网Neocha与PSFK合作,我们一起寻找中国潮流意见领袖。你们的观点和文章将成为我们的新书《PSFK Snapshot: China》的组成部分。
– 时尚风潮
– 音乐电影
– 饮食烹调
– 大众娱乐
– 业余生活
– 文化艺术
– 商业营销/零售百货
– 您的姓名
– 您居住的城市,在那居住了多久
– 您对上面清单哪类话题感兴趣
– 你的年龄
– 您的职业
– 您的联系方式 (手机号码 ,MSN,QQ, 等等)
PSFK定期在世界各地进行创新和趋势领域的研究。本次活动的合作者将可能成为PSFK的全球趋势研究员,最终使用稿件的合作者同时将获得 稿费和最后的成品书。