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PSFK Report

A Natural Approach To Baby Skincare

This research paper looks at how personal care brands are creating natural skincare offerings that appeal to health and environmentally-conscious consumers. As more millennials enter parenthood, their demands for organic, natural products and authentic brand values are also inspiring similar expectations for their own children’s well-being. Modern brands are meeting these demands by creating natural baby skincare lines focused on plant-based ingredients, verified transparency and sustainable production to build purchase and brand confidence.

What we found:

Skincare manufacturers are leaning on plant-based and vegan ingredients, rather than conventional synthetics and chemicals, to create natural, safe products that appeal to an increasingly health-conscious consumer base yearning for ingredient simplicity.

Personal care brands are using natural ingredients, such as essential oils, as fragrances for their organic products, instead of artificial scents, to ensure parents that products will not cause skin irritation and are safe to use.

Skincare companies are inviting customers to view supply chain or production details to reassure health-conscious consumers that products are verifiably organic and safe enough for their babies’ skin.

Skincare brands are going beyond the baseline expectation of organic ingredients and creating their products with BPA-free packaging for completely sustainable products.

Rather than creating one-size-fits-all product lines, skincare companies are developing offerings that target babies’ specific needs, skin types and other personal criteria, using skin care research findings and the assistance of medical experts to fit specific infant conditions.

Published May 2018