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What Are New Retail Trends in Seoul, Shanghai, Tokyo and across Asia?

The Asia Retail Guide is a PSFK report about store experience and design across Asia with a special focus on Seoul, Shanghai and Tokyo.

Executive Overview

It has been a long time for the Asian region to finally open its borders. Considering the ease of restrictions, retailers shift their focus from online to offline and prepare to revive their businesses to cater to both domestic and international shoppers. Whether engaging customers with immersive, interactive experiences, making the physical store social-media-ready or extending its offering deeply interlacing with shopper lifestyles, Asian retailers prove that IRL moments are back and its retail experiences are indeed experiences.

The key themes around the latest store openings show that shoppers are increasingly seek value and connection with brands through different, multiple perspectives than just products and transactions. These consumer trends translate into creative collaborations, crossovers, purpose-first initiatives and cultural references intertwined into the customer experiences.

What You’ll Learn In This Report

Here are some key takeaways from the report:

  • The rise of experiential retail: Consumers in Asia are seeking out immersive, interactive experiences when shopping, and retailers are responding with innovative store designs and interactive installations.
  • The growth of online-offline integration: Retailers in Asia are leveraging technology to seamlessly blend the online and offline shopping experience, such as through the use of QR codes and mobile payments.
  • The increasing importance of sustainability: Sustainability is becoming a top priority for both consumers and retailers in Asia, with an emphasis on eco-friendly products and packaging, as well as sustainability initiatives in store operations.

Who Is This Asia Retail Guide For?

There are a few different types of professionals who may find the PSFK Asia Retail Guide report particularly valuable:

  • Retail executives and managers: The report provides insights on the Asian retail market and trends that can help inform decision-making for those responsible for the strategy and operations of a retail business.
  • Marketing and advertising professionals: The report includes information on how retailers are using technology and immersive experiences to engage and attract customers, which can be useful for those working in marketing and advertising to create effective campaigns for retail clients.
  • Innovation professionals: The report covers a range of innovative retail trends, including autonomous stores and immersive installations, which may be of interest to professionals working on innovation initiatives within a retail organization.
  • Researchers and analysts: The report provides in-depth analysis of the Asian retail market, which may be useful for those conducting research or analyzing trends in the retail industry.

What You Can Do Next

In this report, PSFK’s research and strategy team explores how retailers are implementing innovative strategies, re-formatting their physical footprints and aligning their stores with consumer expectations. Curious to learn more? To dig deeper into these trends and help you understand what this means for your business, connect with the PSFK team today.