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A Guide to Augmenting The At-Home Entertainment Experience for Marketers

A PSFK report on creating moments of hyper-engagement across media and marketing with immersive and shareable livestreamed and virtual world content.

Driven by a need for contactless solutions, virtual innovations have enhanced how consumers interact not only with each other, but also their favorite brands, artists, and more. While both content consumption and screen time are on the rise, consumers’ expectation for digital experiences has grown as well, pushing media creators to move beyond traditional formats to deliver content that is at once entertaining, educational, and interactive across today’s leading social and digital platforms. Creating moments of hyper-engagement across media and marketing, this virtual shift, coupled with consumers’ desire for live-streamed events to rival traditional IRL experiences, has given rise to immersive and shareable content and programming.

To enhance those live experiences and events, the digital worlds they take place offer an added layer of immersion, while providing consumers with support, access to information and limited offers or content, and the community element of shared experiences. In this report, the PSFK Labs team explores the greater possibilities of live content within the media sector, the ways virtual spaces and metaverses are providing consumers with the social experiences they’re craving, and how creators and businesses can engage consumers through this new lens.

Published February, 2021