The Beauty Debrief

PSFK’s Beauty Debrief helps brands in any sector learn the secrets to offering a personalized brand experience and the benefits of doing so. By leveraging a new style of tailoring, entrepreneurs, brands and retailers can craft authentic relationships that meet the consumer wherever they please. PSFK’s global researchers pinpoint the key ingredients that help the beauty industry successfully apply customization for their customers’ needs. As a result, beauty brands are now reaching audiences with products and services that they can truly mold to fit their own personal preferences.
Our full report outlines strategies relevant for any consumer-focused industry to modularize their brand experience, building engaging connections that drive product sales and customer loyalty.

Published March 2017

Featured in the 30+ page report:
  • 7 trends driving personalization and customization in beauty
  • 21 best-in-class examples of tailoring brand experiences for customers
  • Engagement strategies for customer-first industry verticals
  • Cheat sheets full of statistics, key quotes and interviews
  • A 30+ page presentation deck


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