Beverage Experience Trends

As consumer behavior around alcohol—and food & beverage generally—continues to shift and more people embrace a wellness-focused lifestyle, the beverage space is undergoing major transformation to retain and improve engagement with audiences motivated by new values. This presentation brings the modern consumer to life through key insights and unpacks relevant trends supported by best-in-class examples showcasing how brands in the beverage space and beyond are reaching and connecting with customers along the purchase path.

Tracking innovation in promotion, experience, delivery and loyalty, this presentation highlights key opportunities in product, service and engagement with today’s consumers for brands and retailers across verticals.

Published February 2020

This 65-page PDF presentation includes:

  • Key consumer insights into emerging behaviors and how beverage brands are transforming their products and experiences in response
  • 4 crucial areas within brand and product experience where makers and retailers can innovate their approach to drive engagement
  • 20 supporting exemplary case studies
  • 5 takeaway recommendations for success across categories


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