Boutique Fitness As Personal Lifestyle Ecosystem

This research paper examines how fitness brands are engaging their consumers’ larger lifestyle needs with innovative services and experiences, primarily through personalization, convenience and community-centric offerings. By integrating mobile apps, artificial intelligence and sensor-enabled technologies into the core fitness experience, as well as offering support outside of the gym, brands are cultivating a holistic fitness and wellness-oriented experience for customers. As a result, these brands are transforming themselves from fitness providers to holistic lifestyle partners.

This boutique fitness report outlines key trends and best-in-class strategies that fitness brands are leveraging to not only meet their user’s wellness goals, but integrate themselves into consumers’ lifestyle routines. Alongside this trends-framework, PSFK has gathered research around the following areas: consumer insights, industry landscape, competitive landscape, two industry expert interviews, as well as providing strategic recommendations.

Published November 2018

This report is part of a series that PSFK has published on innovation in in retail and along the customer experience journey. Our reports provide business ideas to corporate members of our research intelligence service. In addition, we provide talks and ideation workshops based on the contents of our surveys and guides. Contact our sales team at or +1 646 520 4672 for more information.


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Insights From Boutique Fitness As Personal Lifestyle Ecosystem

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