Brand Building In Crisis

As previous certainties and lifestyles give way to unexpected shifts, brands and retailers are being challenged to meet a rapidly evolving set of consumer needs and demands based on the impact of COVID-19. Now, brands are updating their messaging and offerings to include impactful resources and services that are aimed at building trust, creating connections and providing meaningful support. Brands will need to continue to adapt their strategies and communications to better meet and anticipate evolving consumer needs.

This report by business intelligence platform PSFK in collaboration with Toluna, an ITWP Company providing consumer insights designed to empower success in today’s on-demand, global economy, is intended to act as a playbook for companies as they look to innovate their offerings and build a resilient brand that can meaningfully connect with customers long after the crisis. As both consumers and businesses adjust to a new normal, this document highlights key trends and best-in-class examples of organizations that are leading with compassion.

Published May 2020

This 17-page research paper includes:

  • A look at changing consumer and business priorities, including stats, quotes & industry insights to support further research
  • Six trends spotlighting successful strategies for resilient brand building and fostering meaningful connection with consumers
  • 25 trend-supporting exemplary case studies
  • Key takeaways for brands in any category to better engage with and serve consumers during challenging times


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