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How Companies Can Build Brand Resonance with Gen Z

This shopper marketing report from PSFK outlines key strategies that help brands and retailers connect with an advertising-adverse generation of consumers.

Executive Summary

The rise of Generation Z, born between 1997 and 2012, marks a shift in consumer behavior and expectations. This demographic, now comprising a quarter of the population, is characterized by their desire for authenticity, community and social impact. In contrast to previous generations, they are digital natives who have grown up in a world of social media and instant gratification, and as a result, they respond far less to traditional advertising and marketing strategies.

Gen Z is also a socially conscious and environmentally aware generation. They are deeply concerned about the state of the world and are looking for brands that align with their values and beliefs. They expect brands to take a stand on social and environmental issues and to positively impact society. They also place a high value on transparency, authenticity, and community. They want to know where their products come from, how they were made, and what the brand stands for beyond the products or services they offer.

In response to these wants and needs, brands and retailers are shifting their focus from traditional marketing to more authentic and community-driven strategies. They are leveraging social media and other digital platforms to connect with Gen Z in a more personal and meaningful way. They are also adopting new business models such as resale, rental, and subscription to offer more sustainable and flexible ownership options. They are involving Gen Z in product development and positioning them as collaborative stakeholders. They are also building brand communities that celebrate shared values and identities.

Report Overview

This report delves into the unique characteristics and values of Gen Z, and how brands and retailers can effectively engage with this demographic. The report is divided into three sections:

The Gen-Z Landscape section provides an overview of the cultural and societal influences that shape Gen-Z’s perspective and behavior. The Opportunity Levers section examines the key areas where brands and retailers can connect with Gen-Z, such as sustainability and social impact, community building, and transparency. The Brand & Retailer Strategies To Engage Gen-Z section explores the specific tactics and approaches that successful brands are using to build deeper connections with Gen-Z, such as involving them in product development and offering fluid ownership options.

What You Will Learn From This Report

  • The unique characteristics and values of Gen-Z consumers
  • The ways in which brands and retailers are engaging Gen-Z through sustainability, community building, transparency and authenticity, and co-creation
  • The opportunities and challenges of leveraging token technologies to enhance brand resonance with Gen-Z
  • Best practices for building brand communities that align with Gen-Z’s values and desires
  • The future outlook for Gen-Z engagement strategies and the impact on the retail industry

Who Created This Shopper Marketing Report?

This report, written by leading trends and innovation agency PSFK, is designed to provide brands and retailers with a comprehensive understanding of Gen-Z and the strategies they can use to effectively engage with this consumer group.