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Building Community in Retail

This comprehensive store experience and design report from PSFK explores the innovative strategies that retailers and brands are using to create authentic and engaging community-oriented spaces, from health and wellness hubs to immersive experiences and product launchpads.

Executive Summary

Community spaces have become a buzzword in retail, as retailers have come to realize the potential benefits of building and engaging with their communities. As e-commerce continues to grow, retailers are looking for ways to differentiate themselves from their competitors and to create a unique shopping experience that can only be found in their stores. One way to do this is by creating community spaces that provide customers with more than just a place to shop. By opening their doors to the neighborhood, retailers are creating spaces where customers can connect with one another and with the brand, building a sense of loyalty and trust that can help drive sales and build a sustainable business.

Report Overview

In this report, PSFK researchers explore how retailers are engaging with their communities by opening community spaces. From health and wellness hubs that offer a range of services from primary and urgent care to holistic health and wellness products and services, to product launchpads that provide a platform for new entrepreneurs to launch their products in stores, retailers are finding innovative ways to connect with their communities.

This report also includes key points for brands to provide authentic community-oriented experiences at the brands’ core, as well as key levers – ideas around which retailers can build and nurture their communities while meeting their customers’ evolving needs and desires.

What You’ll Learn From This Report

  • How retailers are engaging with their communities to build brand loyalty and trust
  • The benefits of creating community spaces in-store, from driving sales to building sustainable businesses
  • The different types of community spaces retailers are creating, from health and wellness hubs to product launchpads
  • Best practices for creating and managing community spaces in-store
  • Strategies for creating community engagement events and programming
  • The common challenges retailers face when creating and managing community spaces, and how to overcome them
  • Specific examples of successful community-oriented retailers and stores to visit, including their unique approaches and strategies for building and sustaining a strong sense of community