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Building Sustainable Business

The PSFK report reveals the latest sustainable business strategies that companies are using to align their business goals with the needs of all stakeholders.

Executive Summary

Sustainability has become a pressing issue for all industries and stakeholders, requiring significant changes throughout the supply chain and in customer-facing initiatives to meet regulations and customer demands. Despite the challenges posed by inflation, global conflicts, ESG backlash, and concerns about greenwashing, all critical stakeholders – from consumers to manufacturers, local brands, and governments – seem committed to advancing sustainability. However, To successfully deliver on sustainability strategies, there is a great deal of work to be done, including re-evaluating the entire supply chain, fostering collaboration, bridging the skills gap, and engaging consumers in positive change.

In this PSFK report, various aspects of sustainability, including consumer behavior, supply chain, and company initiatives, are analyzed in depth. The report aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the current state of sustainability, identifying the key challenges and opportunities facing companies as they work towards more sustainable practices. It highlights best practices and case studies from leading companies and offers practical advice on how to effectively implement sustainability strategies.

By reading this report, executives at brands and retailers will learn about the latest trends and developments in sustainability, and gain a deeper understanding of the role that companies play in driving change. They will learn about the challenges and opportunities in the supply chain and consumer behavior, and discover innovative approaches to incorporating sustainability into business strategies. The report will also provide valuable insights into the importance of collaboration, stakeholder engagement, and continuous improvement in advancing sustainability goals. Ultimately, this report serves as a resource for executives and brands looking to lead the way in sustainability.

Report Overview

This PSFK report provides in-depth analysis of leading sustainability initiatives and endeavors to present a comprehensive guide for companies seeking to make sustainable choices for the long term. Covering all relevant stakeholders, including brands, consumers, and the environment, the report offers five effective strategies for advancing sustainability and ensuring that all parties benefit from these efforts. With its focus on best-in-class practices and up-to-date insights, this report is a valuable resource for businesses seeking to prioritize sustainability in their operations.

What You Will Learn From This Report

  • The impact of consumer behavior on sustainability and how to meet their evolving expectations
  • Best practices for creating sustainable value and aligning your business strategy with sustainability goals
  • The role of technology, including AI and blockchain, in driving sustainable business transformation and creating a competitive advantage
  • How to prioritize sustainability in the face of rising inflation and its impact on customer behavior
  • The importance of rethinking the product life cycle and how brands are addressing sustainability across their supply chain and customer experience
  • The challenges of communicating nuanced sustainability concerns to consumers and how to educate them to make informed choices
  • The benefits of incorporating sustainability into your business strategy, from driving innovation and growth to creating a positive impact on the planet.

Who Prepared This Report?

This report on NYC retail was developed by the same PSFK research department that since 2004 has provided trends-led innovation consulting advice to Apple, BMW, Meta, Google, Microsoft, Samsung and Volkswagen.