The CES 2016 Guide

The PSFK CES 2016 Guide, developed by the PSFK Labs research team, distills January’s 3,600-exhibitor conference into a future-focused field guide that identifies today’s manifesting trends shaping tomorrow’s creative technology solutions. With ideal day schedules, industry-aligned “cheat sheets” and a comprehensive trend analysis, PSFK can help attendees find inspiration at CES to create the next vision of the future.

A sampling of trends that will shape CES 2016:

Fabricated Performance: Sensors are expanding beyond phones and other devices to be more closely integrated into people’s lives through the clothing and accessories they wear

Self-Sustained Systems: wide scale experiments in drones, robotics and the Internet of Things are paving the way for fully automated ecosystems that support themselves.

Intimate AI: Machine learning systems are upgrading with personalized, friendly interfaces that naturally communicate with users and accomplish tasks.

Published December 2015

The 4 day guide includes:
  • Expert Curated Daily Schedules: All-day schedules of cutting-edge events at CES for January 5-9, with an easy-to-navigate location system and map
  • In-Depth Trend Analysis: An analysis of 2016’s emerging trends guiding CES and beyond, handpicked from PSFK’s 2017 Forecast
  • Industry-Specific Cheat Sheets: A breakdown of CES’ best-in-class exhibitors by health, retail, home, auto and media and marketing sectors, valuable to conference attendees and remote analysts alike


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