Applying Connected Technologies To Augment Fashion

The following research provides a look at several ways that companies are designing smart fabrics and connected technologies that optimize consumers’ product experiences and overall lifestyles. The paper highlights key insights and examples that look at how companies are leveraging sensors, blockchain, and artificial intelligence to deliver personalization, customization and functionality.

Published October 2018

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Insights From Applying Connected Technologies To Augment Fashion

Analysis How Brands Like Sensoria Are Making Wearables The New Personal Trainer

Thanks to advanced technology, brands are giving consumers access to active apparel that serves double duty, providing technical performance and fitness training that helps them achieve their goals

Analysis How Brands Like Spire Health Are Developing Wearable Workout Optimization Tools

Retailers are responding to consumer demand for products that assist them with their health and wellness needs, offering them apparel with tech-enabled fitness tracking and training capabilities

Analysis How Brands Like Owlet Are Helping Consumers Monitor Their Health With Wearables

Increasing awareness of health and wellness is driving interest among consumers in daily health monitoring, and brands are responding with connected apparel and wearables

Analysis How Brands Like Amazon Are Relieving The Stress Of Shopping With Wardrobe Curation

Whether designing a personal wardrobe or pairing previously purchased pieces together to form a stylish ensemble, brands are using AI-enabled technology to provide their customers with personalized shopping and styling

Analysis How Brands Like Under Armour Are Enabling Responsive Products

From color-changing fabrics to garments that can answer phone calls, apparel retailers are enhancing how consumers interact with their clothing with wearable technology, enabling useful functions and capabilities