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How, What, Where & When To Engage With Generation Alpha

This PSFK guide is a special report that takes a look at Generation Alpha, their needs, expectations and desires. It provides perspectives and implications for brands, advertisers and retailers looking to meaningfully engage with the Gen Alpha demographic.

Executive Summary

By 2030, the first members of Gen Alpha will be young adults and begin to interact with brands directly. While the oldest representatives of the cohort have just turned 12, Generation Alpha already has a strong digital presence and brand awareness, and holds a robust command of families’ purchasing decisions.

As Gen Alpha grows up surrounded by fast-changing technology, digital streaming, social media and screen time on every available device, this streaming generation will become the next big challenge for brands and marketers.

Gen Alpha Report Overview

Alphas are the next generation of customers, and retailers do not want to lose out on their future spending. In this report, PSFK researchers explore what shapes today’s Generation Alpha and the consumer shifts in the market brands can expect as the cohort reaches its maturity. Supported by best-in-class examples of innovation, understand what Generation Alpha is today and what to expect from the cohort in the future.

What You Will Learn From This Report On Gen Alpha

  • How are brands preparing themselves for the next generation of consumers, Generation Alpha
  • How can brands engage this young Gen Alpha audience and thrive in a crowded online shopping market
  • How Gen Alpha’s relationship with technology is shaping the future of customer experience
  • How brands are creating safe online spaces for Gen Alpha to thrive and millennial parents to be satisfied
  • What role does the metaverse serve in reaching the young generation of Gen Alpha consumers
  • Why and how are brands creating value-driven, not commerce-driven experiences for Gen Alpha, the next generation of consumers
  • Why both, virtual and digital experiences are crucial to reach Gen Alpha (sometimes called the ‘Streaming Generation’)

Who Prepared This Report

This consumer insights research paper has been developed by the same researchers and analysts whohelp companies that include Nike, Google & Samsung with their sector-leading market research platform and bespoke trends research and innovation consulting.