Cultivating Leaders With Progressive Education & Culture

Shifting consumer expectations around streamlined processes and individualized care have forced organizations to rethink the roles of their employees and their training. Recognizing the vital role employees play within the customer experience, progressive brands and companies view their associates as both their most publicly facing representatives, and deeply essential components of the day-to-day functioning and ongoing success of their businesses. To support workers in meeting consumer and business demands of today, and convey ongoing investment in their employees, brands and retailers are reimagining their training systems. Innovations from the market reveal that cultivating new skills and reinforcing them through dynamic training programs can drive productivity, enhance the work experience and transform frontline employees into future company leaders. By deploying gamified resources, virtual and augmented reality tools and micro-learning opportunities, companies can engage and empower associates regardless of location, level, or expertise. 

In this research report, learn how brands are tapping into digital platforms and thinking beyond the day-to-day requirements of the job to offer their associates opportunities for growth and support. Discover how an omnichannel approach to training, as front and backend operations merge will define the successful retailers moving forward. Explore the trends and supporting case studies, to see how companies are preparing their employees for the new realities of today and future-proofing their businesses for tomorrow.

Published April 2021

This 18-page research paper includes:

  • An exploration of employee training programs and initiatives shaping company culture today
  • 8 trends outlining the new approaches and technologies being deployed to train today's workers and meet shifting consumer priorities and needs
  • 29 trend-supporting exemplary case studies


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