The Customer Service Debrief

PSFK’s Customer Service Debrief is a how-to guide for businesses to develop, integrate and optimize their use of bots in customer service applications. Featuring expert thought leadership alongside six trends from both internal and external business perspectives, the report showcases the best bot practices for managing and cultivating consumer relationships. Whether you’re a business diving head-first into bot technologies or have already have them in your toolkit, the Customer Service Debrief will demystifies the bot narrative and ensure best-in-class execution.

Published March 2018

Featured in the 28+ page report, readers will find:
  • Emerging consumer attitudes and market forces that are driving change
  • Important trends shaping the future of conversational assistance
  • User scenario and industry landscape graphic
  • Key strategies that brands should adopt to succeed
  • Perspectives and forecasts from industry experts


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Insights From The Customer Service Debrief

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