Delivering Dynamic Health Insurance Experiences

As health insurance customers become frustrated by rising costs and lack of transparency and convenience, they increasingly demand the same elevated level of customer experience offered by other industries. Accordingly, health insurance companies are optimizing user experiences with cutting-edge technologies: AI is being employed at various stages of the customer journey, from pricing the premiums to offering personalized recommendations. Meanwhile, blockchain is leveraged to reduce risk and create frictionless transactions. Further, insurers are responding to consumers’ demand for control by putting the power back into consumers’ hands with the ability to choose their own benefits and access to their own data. This research paper outlines emerging trends and creative approaches health insurers are leveraging to stand out from the competition.

Published January 2020

This 12-page report includes:

  • 9 trends demonstrating how health insurance companies are leveraging technology and innovation to deliver exceptional customer service
  • 31 trend-supporting exemplary case studies
  • Industry stats and insights to support further research


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