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Designing A Frictionless Payments Experience

While connected store technology and streamlined checkout processes have been on the rise for years, their implementation is undergoing an acceleration as consumers increasingly prioritize safety during their in-store purchase experiences. With advances in mobile, biometric, ambient and cloud tech capabilities, retailers have more digital tools at their disposal than ever before when it comes to designing transactions that meet consumer expectations for convenience while reducing the need for contact during purchase or payment. Providing the means for connected payment experiences also creates opportunities to further personalize the shopper journey for customers, enabling stores to offer tailored recommendations, rewards and discounts that encourage loyalty and engagement within a greater brand ecosystem.

This research paper explores how retailers are continually streamlining the purchasing experience by integrating mobile-first and tech-enabled solutions that allow customers to handle checkout on their own, often contactlessly and on their mobile device. It also outlines innovative transaction means that combine next-gen seamlessness with touch-free safety to provide customers with retail experiences that meet—if not exceed—their expectations.

Published August 2020