Designing For Accessibility

Today’s consumers have increasingly elevated demands and expect retailers to meet their individualized needs, so of course consumers with disabilities are no exception. This next generation of empowered consumers demand the same level of experience available to all other customers, requiring brands go beyond retrofitted accommodations for disabilities to create formats that are accessible to all right from the start. Shoppers are advocating more and more for inclusivity and are rewarding brands that adapt. As a result, brands and retailers are rethinking the products and experiences they offer in order to accommodate a more expansive range of needs and abilities.

This research paper explores how brands and retailers are designing with accessibility in mind, resulting in products and services that are more seamless, intuitive and enjoyable for all consumers to use. 

Published December 2019

This 10-page report includes:

  • 5 trends that emphasize how brands are accommodating all consumers
  • 22 trend-supporting exemplary case studies
  • Industry stats and insights to support further research


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