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Designing Spaces To Promote Safety & Wellbeing

Drastic shifts to consumers’ everyday schedules have led to new expectations of the physical spaces they encounter and inhabit. As they continue to highly prioritize and learn more about their own physical health and safety, the environments and ambiance they’re surrounded by and function within have become central areas of focus. A growing appreciation for health-focused spaces and personal wellbeing, paired with intensified focus placed on both health and safety, has led retailers, brands, and designers to rethink the physical attributes of their spaces. By redesigning the store, private, and public space experience, companies have the ability to serve and build upon these likely permanent shifts in consumer behaviors and priorities. 

In this report, the PSFK Labs team examines how brands and retailers can innovate the design of their consumer experiences and physical spaces to support consumers in their quest to maximize health and safety. Discover how new approaches to design are bringing together the best of technology and the natural world to foster healing, faith in cleanliness, and trust in their consumers. From UV enabled public health tools to innovative approaches to single occupancy workspaces, learn how inventive designers and brand name businesses are turning generic spaces into beacons of comfort, safety, and productivity. Presented trends and exemplary case studies uncover the physical designs and systems being deployed to track functionality, manage traffic flow, and grow consumer confidence. 

Published April, 2021