Developing Operating Ecosystems: Food Service

As a result of growing consumer expectation for personalized, flexible and intuitive experiences, leaders within the food services industry are adopting new technologies and mobile-first capabilities to create operating systems that seamlessly connect back-of-house services with consumer-facing interactions. When paired with powerful data analytics and automation, this approach allows information and insights to flow freely across the business, enhancing the customer experience and driving new efficiencies, from ordering and inventory management to delivery.

This research paper explores how digital transformation applicable across industry verticals is enabling organizations within the food service sector to expand on their current offerings, optimize their operating systems and deliver an exceptional customer experience at scale. 

Published July 2020

This 21-page research paper includes:

  • A look at today's food services landscape and emerging consumer needs for omnichannel, scalable personalization, supported by industry stats and quotes
  • Eight trends outlining the data-driven tools and solutions food service providers are leveraging to enable agile operations and individualized experiences
  • Six key takeaways for business operators across industries to develop united, intelligent ecosystems capable of delivering exceptional service
  •  29 trend-supporting exemplary case studies


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