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The Digital Beauty Sales Experience

The beauty space remains one where consumers place high value on being able to interact with, assess, and test products. Due to the largely individual nature of the category, consumers had previously remained driven to visit physical locations to ensure the perfect product fit. However, be it the global events of 2020 or personal shifts in priorities, brands understand that such visits in-store are not always a possibility for today’s consumer. Fortunately, technological advancements are enabling both legacy beauty brands and new DTC startups to provide consumers with the high-engagement experiences they expect when shopping for personal products, now online and through their devices.

From implementing augmented reality tools into their apps, to showing up organically on fast-growing platforms, companies can make the virtual beauty customer experience not only seamless, but engaging. Brands can provide notable value by offering not only digital assistance, but also educational opportunities that empower customers in their at-home beauty routines. This research paper explores the ways beauty brands and retailers are leveraging digital and virtual tools to support consumers in trial, testing, learning, and purchasing from home. Learn how technology-backed solutions and authentic means of online communications allow beauty brands to convert engagement into sales, and how using burgeoning technologies enables brands to engrain personalization, customization, and individual attention throughout the consumer path to purchase.

Published February 2021