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How to plan a digital shopper journey for high-touch products & services

This PSFK guide is a ecommerce shopper journey report on instilling customer trust and confidence through one to one expertise and immersive experience.

Executive Summary

Whether shopping entirely online or eventually visiting a store, consumers are using an expanded range of digital channels and tools to discover, research and buy products. Progressive brands and retailers are embracing new technologies and platforms to scale the 1:1 service and support their customers expect when shopping online and replicate the experience of a physical shopping and product experience in a digital environment.

Report Overview

Within this shopper journey report, PSFK describes eight strategies for brands and retailers to engage shoppers with next-generation digital experiences and deliver enhanced customer experience. Each of the trends-led recommendations is supported by recent best-in-class examples of innovation from the marketplace.

What You’ll Learn In This Report

  • How retailers are delivering trusted knowledge and personalized advice to instill confidence and help customers to make the right choice, particularly where high-consideration purchases are concerned
  • How video-based chat and livestreaming platforms are bringing the store and its products to life in people’s homes, creating opportunities to see into customers’ lives and create stronger connections.
  • With ready access to customer information, how remote associates can further tailor their interaction and suggestions.

What’s In This Report?

To help our community of retail insiders better understand how to shape their customers customer journey, the PSFK iQ research team has identified 9 key strategies.

This 16-page digital shopper journey research paper includes:

  • 8 strategies that are shaping digital customer experience
  • 24 trends-led exemplary case studies