Field Trip: Eastpack Packaging Show

A product’s packaging plays an important role in the customer experience. It serves as a marketing tool that communicates not just a product’s attributes but what the brand stands for, helping items stand out at shelf and drive purchase decisions in store. It also plays an important role in the ecommerce experience, serving a necessary function in order fulfillment, but perhaps just as critically, creating a key opportunity to establish an emotional connection through the unboxing experience, surprising and delighting consumers as they physically interact with a brand and its products for the first time.

PSFK researchers visited EastPack, the East Coast’s leading packaging convention, to see how the packaging industry is innovating to meet new consumers demands for packaging that is engaging and sustainable and suitable for their changing lifestyle needs.

The ‘Field Trip: EastPack Packaging Show’ deck contains 22 pages of original photographs and opinions.

Published July 2019

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