Elevating The At-Home Occasion

To assist consumers in curating elevated at-home consumption moments, specifically around alcohol and cannabis, brands and companies are creating digital platforms, offering tech-powered accessories, and launching interactive remote events that transform the sameness and constraints of these at-home moments into memorable experiences. Brands and retailers are uniquely positioned to be experts, friends, and conduits during this unprecedented time, by offering means of connection, opportunities for education and information sharing, and easy-to-use products that offer consumers levity and learning.

In this research paper, discover the ways in which brands both within and beyond the vice category can create great value for consumers by supporting them in their at-home endeavors (from happy hours for one to remote birthdays). Learn how companies are leveraging digital tools, distribution channels, and established platforms to replicate and build upon what were once long favored components of imbibing or celebrating with friends. Trends and examples included examine how innovations to pre, during, and post alcohol and cannabis purchases are extending brand reach and maximizing consumer engagement. 

Published March, 2021 

This 19-page research paper includes:

  • An exploration of how consumers are indulging, imbibing, and celebrating today
  • 8 trends outlining the key ways brands are elevating at-home occasions and remote social interactions
  • 30 trend-supporting exemplary case studies


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