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Elevating The New Beverage Experience

This research paper explores how beverage brands and retailers are leveraging technologies to elevate the customer experience. The following research identifies different ways that AR technology and computer vision can be used to improve brand engagement and pre-purchase decision-making, and create interactive retail experiences and surface additional product information.

From marketing techniques to store design to inventory management, PSFK breaks down best in class examples from brands and retailers in the beverage space. Among the strategies, retailers are using the physical store to tell their brand story and establish relationships with their customers. Interactive tech like AR-powered virtual demos supply shoppers with additional information to bring products to life, while providing valuable data to the retailer. Gamified experiences incentivize customer engagement through a range of rewards, while one-of-a-kind experiences for customers elevate the post-purchase experience.

Retailers are creating agile communication channels between factories, warehouses, stores and other supply chain partners by using data to better predict inventory needs. Self-service pickup experiences allow customers to access products and services, receive the information they crave, and purchase and retrieve their items themselves.

Published April 2019