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Strategies To Engage A Diverse Consumer

This PSFK guide is a DEI initiatives report to help businesses to take actionable steps to create a diverse, equitable & inclusive retail and brand experiences.

Executive Summary

In response to a nationwide movement that saw consumers joining together and corporate America pledging millions in support of racial justice, brands and retailers are now being held accountable for their diversity, equality and inclusion initiatives. Beyond a social post or one-off campaign, consumers’ expectation for DEI initiatives runs deeper, spanning the entire retail experience—from a company’s internal practices, to its store environment, the products it stocks, the vendors it carries, and how it’s supporting its communities.

Report Overview

Within this DEI initiatives report, the PSFK iQ research team has identified how retailers, businesses and creatives are authentically engaging their communities, and committing themselves to representing, uplifting and activating around BIPOC consumers year-round.

What You’ll Learn In This Report

  • Learn about the actionable consumer-facing and internal DEI steps that businesses are taking to better connect with both new and existing consumers, and visibly demonstrate that all consumers are equally valued. G
  • Gain insight into how both established retailers and emerging brands are addressing processes, redesigning stores, and taking care to ensure the right voices are being included, heard and uplifted at every level and every stage of retail, as they use their resources and influence to address racial justice in impactful, inclusive, and empowering ways.
  • Understand why consumers are now expecting to see results, and are calling on retailers to be transparent in how their promises are being applied to internal and external processes to create measured change around diversity, equity and inclusion.

Watch a Presentation of the Research + Expert Interviews

Experts in this video:

Alissa Allen, (Formerly) SVP, Strategy & Innovation, The Integer Group
Ron Thurston, Best Selling Author at of RETAIL PRIDE
Bonin Bough, Founder at Bonin Ventures
Felita Harris, Chief Strategy & Revenue Officer at Harlem’s Fashion Row

Who Prepared This Report?

This DEI initiatives report was developed by the same PSFK research department that since 2004 has provided trends-led innovation consulting advice to Apple, BMW, Facebook/Meta, Google, Microsoft, Samsung and Volkswagen.