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Empathetic Retail CX

As a business, it is no longer enough to simply acknowledge customer frustrations or worries. Today’s consumer is apt to recognize when brands are making mere reputational moves and consciously seek out companies that they believe are truly dedicated to doing what is right. As a result, innovative brands and retailers have the opportunity to connect with these consumers by re-evaluating and reimagining their internal practices and policies, and authentically infusing empathy into various facets of store operations.

In two parts, this research paper illuminates the multifaceted approaches brands and retailers are taking to empathetically interact with consumers, employees, and the communities they are a part of. It explores the ways in which it is imperative that businesses treat consumers and employees as individuals with nuanced needs, expectations, and backgrounds. It examines how retailers can increase safety and convenience by allowing access to key information, updating purchase options, minimizing wait times. Best practices for authentically empowering individuals and communities come to light, revealing key tools for deepening important relationships as well as sparking new ones.

Published November 2020