Engaging The In-Home Shopper

Consumers continue to prioritize convenience, simplicity, and speed in their retail exploration, and are turning to digital means and virtual tools as sources of ease and excitement. What were once exclusively in-store activities–browsing shopping racks, visiting showrooms, and last minute visits to longtime local staples–are now largely offered online, providing consumers much appreciated options when it comes to their shopping behaviors. 

This research paper explores the ways in which traditional aspects of the retail experience have been not only shifted online, but also expanded upon (and often, improved) in the process. It examines how businesses are quickly advancing their tech-centric offerings through shoppable content, AR options, digital one-on-one consults and more, to bring long-appreciated aspects of shopping into the safety of consumers’ own homes. 

Published October 2020

This 21-page research paper includes:

  • A look at shifting consumer behaviors and needs when it comes to digital- and social-first home shopping experiences, as well as how businesses are responding
  • Seven trends outlining the strategies that leading brands and retailers are leveraging to translate key aspects of the immersive & interactive in-person shopping experience to digital
  • 25 trend-supporting exemplary case studies


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