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Engaging Millennial Pet Owners

As Millennials have become the largest pet-owning demographic, they have brought their outsized expectations for convenience and service to the category. They view their pets as members of their families and are willing to spend accordingly on a broad range of products and services to ensure their pets’ wellbeing. The following research highlights examples of premium food offerings, tech-enabled pet care tools, and a spate of new services in order to provide an overview of how the pet care industry has evolved to meet these new consumer desires and enable pets—and, subsequently, these pet care brands—to become a valued part of consumers’ daily lives.

Since we published our last report on pet care, Enhancing Pet Ownership, Care & Experience, in January, 2018, we’ve seen wellness-focused offerings, such as fresh dog food and wellness tracking tools, becoming more mainstream. Perhaps as a consequence to the growing controversies surrounding on-demand pet care services for dog walking and boarding, we’ve also seen growing enthusiasm for tools that allow owners to monitor and engage their pets remotely. One thing that has remained constant is the proliferation of new products and services that aim to empower owners to make their pets’ lives healthier and more fulfilling.

Published March 2019