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Engaging The New Luxury Consumer

This PSFK guide is a shopper marketing report that outlines strategies for engaging a new wave of value-driven luxury consumers, from live-streamed launches to fractional ownership

Executive Summary

Already in the process of undergoing fundamental change, digital, agile and sustainable business models are no longer a novelty but a necessity, as the luxury industry adapts to a younger consumer base that equally prioritizes seamless channel-to-channel experiences, purpose-backed initiatives, and access to product of value. Now, leaders within the luxury market are reformatting their value propositions to align with these consumer demands, and updating their sales and marketing strategies to not only provide direct connections between brand and consumer, but also transparently convey the initiatives, services and offerings they’ve created with a new consumer in mind.

About This Report on the New Luxury Consumer

Within this research paper, learn how luxury brands and retailers are actively communicating with a digital-first consumer on the channels they prefer and meeting them there with the personalized, seamless and engaging services they now expect. Understand the driving forces impacting the luxury consumer’s value equation, and gain insight into how luxury brands are integrating purposeful initiatives into their brand ethos to not only generate brand affinity, but create ongoing, human consumer connections around shared values, which has become integral within a competitive retail landscape.

Published November 2020