Enhancing Customer Experience Via Seamless Support

An evolving set of consumer needs, initially driven by safety concerns, has given rise to hybrid, tech-enhanced solutions that not only prioritized consumer convenience, but also introduced a heightened level of personalized and 1:1 care into every stage of the shopper journey. Now, these solutions and services–from real-time access to support, to contactless mobile interactions–have become permanent touchpoints through which to provide consumers additional value. 

In this report, the PSFK Labs team explores the innovative tech solutions being adopted across retail sectors with the intent of providing greater control and safety, and now convenience and value. Within the overarching trends and supporting case studies presented, discover how service providers are leveraging consumers information to provide the right level of connection and  information, within the right context at each stage of the shopper journey, both remotely and IRL. 

Published March, 2021

This 16-page research paper includes:

  • An exploration of the new ways businesses are providing elevated services through human connection and seamless convenience
  • 7 trends detailing how tech and expertise are being leveraged to deliver greater trust and personalized care
  • 25 trend-supporting exemplary case studies


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