Enhancing Business Operations With IoT

The current state of IoT coupled with the acceleration of 5G suggests that in the near future, everything that can be connected, will be. Moreover, this connectivity-centric future presents an abundance of opportunities for businesses to more efficiently mine data, break supply chain silos, and maximize resources. 

This research paper explores the innovative ways future-forward companies are leveraging IoT to strengthen their competitive advantages. Because consumers are demanding the right product at the right place and time more than ever, networks of intelligent devices are being employed to implement immediate replenishment and deliver in-moment information to help both customers and retailers make better decisions. 

Published June 2020

This 17-page research paper includes:

  • A look at the acceleration of IoT implementation in business operations & retail, including stats, quotes & industry insights to support further research
  • 12 trends showcasing emerging use cases of IoT and other advanced tech to enhance systems and maximize efficiency for enterprises across verticals
  • 28 trend-supporting exemplary case studies


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Insights From Enhancing Business Operations With IoT