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Enhancing Consumer Self-Care

As the world evolves at lightning speed, it can sometimes be difficult for consumers to keep up with the pace of their daily existence, much less feel comfortably grounded within the ever changing situations and myriad double-binds of modern life. New solutions and innovative approaches are taking advantage of the holistic understandings arising around personal wellness, self-care, and mental health to provide a deep array of personalized and connected resources for consumers to grow, heal, and better understand themselves. 

By placing mental health and self-care on more equal footing with physical well-being, a clearer understanding of the relationship between them, and the impacts they have on one another, has laid the foundation for a fresh new wave of therapeutic platforms and programmatic wellness offerings. Radical new solutions and alternative treatments are promoting tailored growth and innovating self-care through multisensory and virtual reality technologies, while guided experiences using schedule 1 substances are being utilized to unlock deeper, more lasting states of personal healing. 

New, more nuanced conversations around sexual wellness are also giving rise to a growing acceptance of its place as a pillar of consumers’ self-care and well-being. Connected products and digital platforms are helping consumers better understand their own pleasure, as well as expanding the positive role it can play in their daily lives. 

In this report, the PSFK Research team explores the innovative tools and emergent methods being deployed and adopted across the full spectrum of behavioral and emotional experiences. To help our members better understand the robust new ecosystem of offerings at play in this increasingly important and personalized space, PSFK has identified 4 key trends supporting the growth and healing of consumers as they strive to achieve a better, more consistent form of personal well-being and seek greater balance and control in their lives.