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Enhancing CX For A New Travel Mindset

With travel once again nearing its pre-pandemic peaks, both customers and companies face a very different landscape – lingering economic uncertainty, increased safety concerns and an ever changing set of rules and restrictions to navigate. In addition to their reservations, tickets and passports, travelers must now contend with masks and vaccination cards, all before reaching the airport security checkpoint or hotel front desk. The stresses encountered before enjoying a relaxing trip or delivering an important client pitch have become overwhelming, not to mention the fact that a majority of travelers are completely out of practice. 

On a more positive note, the travel marketplace is ripe with opportunities. Office bound employees have been freed from the tyranny of their desks and can now work from anywhere with a reliable WiFi connection. For innovative airlines, hotels and platforms, new business models, amenities and services have created new customer touch points where they can deliver value and build strong relationships.

To meet the needs of the re-emerging traveler, companies are offering a new set of digital tools to remove common points of friction throughout their journey and help customers feel more connected and in control along the way. What’s more, they must extend and enhance assurances for their passengers and guests to allow them to book and travel more comfortably and confidently. Beyond ensuring ease and convenience, companies must continue to encourage the aspirational aspects of travel by creating new ways for their customers to visit more places and extend their stays through subscription-based packages and improved loyalty programs.