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Enhancing The Grocery Shopping Experience

This report looks at the new strategies in grocery business with the rise of digital services and ecommerce.

Executive Summary

As demand for both safety and convenience revolutionizes the end-to-end supermarket and grocery experience, legacy brands and retailers are transforming their businesses to meet changing expectations, while startups and solution providers are enabling purchase experiences for the digital-first consumer. An accelerated rate of tech adoption has collapsed years of innovation into months, and within the grocery sector this has created a need for mobile-first, digitally optimized experiences, services and operations. For consumers, this translates to personalized on and offline grocery recommendations, scan-and-go capabilities, contactless payment solutions and on-demand fulfillment services.

What You’ll Learn In This Report

As retailers prioritize agile operations and adopt new strategies to better meet consumer expectations, emerging business models are placing added value that goes beyond the transaction at the center of the shopper experience. This research paper presents how retailers are optimizing brand engagement, business operations and customer experience to better immerse and serve consumers throughout their entire shopper journey.

Published August 2020