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Exploring The Digital Home Buying & Selling Opportunity

This PSFK guide is a report on the opportunities to develop ecommerce capabilities in the real estate market.

Executive Summary

Among the many industries rife with disruption in 2020, real estate is no exception. However, despite the economic downturn and expectations that the housing market would closely follow suit, the U.S. has witnessed inconsistent spikes and declines in home buying and selling across the country. What’s clear is that the industry is undergoing an acceleration of digital capabilities to assist homeowners and real estate companies alike as they look to accommodate people on the move during the pandemic and beyond.

Report Overview

This research paper presents trends in the digitization of home buying, selling, financing and servicing, many of which took root before the pandemic and accelerated during it. It highlights the digital-first tools and innovative applications of tech like AI, AR and VR that allow for virtual end-to-end home consumer journeys, from the discovery phase through to post-purchase service and support. Finally, this look at the real estate and home sectors serves to inspire organizations across industries with ways to transform their own processes and customer assistance to fit shopper preferences and needs in an increasingly contactless world.

Published August 2020