Live eCommerce

Even before the events of 2020, consumers were spending an increasing amount of their daily lives online, working, communing, and transacting digitally. Amidst stay-at-home measures and other mobility-limiting sanctions, consumers are more than ever before looking for the brands and retailers they transact with to meet them on their virtual platforms and tools of choice. This digital lifestyle presents  exciting opportunities for businesses to not only connect directly with consumers on their own terms, but also to deliver and amplify the personalization, on-demand service, and media integration that consumers have come to expect.

This research paper explores how brands and retailers are leveraging many of the virtual trends presently capturing consumer attention. It considers ways in which companies are tapping into the far-reaching powers of shoppable content, livestream media, and live or video customer service at various stages of the consumer path to purchase. In turn, this research also identifies key opportunities for brands to facilitate online connections, communities, and experiences, and thus deepen customer relationships and extend brand loyalty.

It is part of the series “Innovating In Crisis,” which dives deep into the innovations driving business strategy, consumer experience and community support during challenging times.

Published May 2020

This 19-page research paper includes:

  • 8 trending strategies leading brands are employing to connect with and serve consumers virtually
  • 41 trend-supporting exemplary case studies
  • Consumer insights and industry stats & quotes to support further research

  • Additional content:

    • Summary presentation deck in PDF
    • Summary presentation deck in Keynote


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