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How To Engage & Market With Virtual Assets & Metaverse Wearables

This PSFK guide is a metaverse marketing report for brands and retailers on how to develop Virtual Asset & Metaverse Wearable strategies to engage new audiences.

Executive Summary

From virtual avatar skins to wearables, fashion is approaching the metaverse and virtual world experiences as the next frontier for digital brand experiences. In these virtual realms, creative content, authentic engagement, social spaces and community building experiences are critical, especially for Gen Z and Gen Alpha consumers already steeped in the worlds of video games, digital avatars and virtual spaces.

Strategies for fashion and luxury companies entering the virtual worlds center around customized avatars and wearables. More so, there are commercial opportunities for selling real-world clothes with metaverse digital twins or virtual reality 3D experiences – plus there are opportunities to sell virtual goods with physical components.

For those brands and retailers that can connect with a more diverse, and inclusive customer experience within the virtual universe. They will transcend virtual boundaries to truly engage with consumers in both the immersive experience of the metaverse and physical reality.

Fashioning Virtual Identity Report Overview

In this metaverse marketing strategy report, PSFK researchers explore how brands and retailers can leverage new opportunities for a better customer experience in the metaverse, gleaning from examples of success from the fashion and luxury industry as these brands optimize new approaches to products, services, tools and digital assets.

Ultimately, readers should come away with understanding where the real opportunities lie for marketing to different customers within the metaverse and how these digital marketing tools will empower the future of customer engagement and brand marketing.

What You Will Learn From This Metaverse Report

  • Why metaverse commerce is an area of growth for fashion and luxury
  • Where fashion and luxury brands are harnessing tech innovations such as artificial intelligence to build new virtual experiences for engagement with next gen customers
  • How fashion and luxury brands are translating virtual purchases into real opportunities to sell physical reality products
  • Why the metaverse offers the opportunity to tackle important issues of diversity, inclusion, identity, and sustainability
  • How creative industries like fashion and luxury are leveraging the metaverse as a segment of dynamic, omnichannel strategies
  • The role of Non-Fungible Token in building virtual avatars, digital experiences and new revenue streams

Who Prepared This Report?

This store as service report was developed by the same PSFK research department that since 2004 has provided trends-led innovation consulting advice to Apple, BMW, Facebook/Meta, Google, Microsoft, Samsung and Volkswagen.