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The Future Of Home + Living 2030

Executive Summary

This report on future of home and the way we will live explores a breadth of home and living topics that include communal compounds, parasitic living, cloaking, ambient dwellings, common grounds and home service hubs. It shares leading examples and insights as well as point to ways this lifestyle could influence business models and practices in the years ahead.

Report Overview

PSFK identified key trends based on the same robust research methodology that PSFK researchers employ when assisting executives at some of today’s top companies. We explored weak signals across industries and markets and interviewed a number of progressive thinkers to create a foundational understanding of the innovations and changes taking place. We then analyzed our research to find patterns that point to emerging trends in how people live today and modes of living in the future.

What You’ll Learn In This Report

  • By 2030, the researchers predict that most of us will live within or very close to urban centers. Despite the promise of virtual offices and remote working, by the end of the next decade, most people will hold down multiple jobs and this will drive people two reside close to their places of work.
  • People will also feel the need to live in urban areas because of access to a modern and dynamic suite of services that is hard to find in areas of less dense concentration. With their fragmented lives, people will use the suite of services to handle daily chores while they are working at one of their jobs.
  • With traditional housing stock being monetized for short-term hospitality and entertainment, more and more people will live in communal compounds or in parasitic buildings, literally clinging onto the city. People’s homes, objects and appliances will embrace a retro-futuristic aesthetic, borrowing from previous eras that were excited about tomorrow.
  • Restricted by space and time, their sentient dwellings will monitor residents and respond to help them make the most out of the space — whether that’s to sleep, work or just find some privacy and cloak themselves and hide from prying sensors.

What’s In This Report?

This report on future of home and the way we will live includes:

  • Eight core drivers transforming the way people work, live, and play, from super-connectivity and sharing economies to uber-employment and sustainable landscapes
  • Six futuristic scenarios rooted in emerging trends and weak signals today that illustrate how we will live in 2030, exploring shared & parasitic living spaces; responsive, intelligent dwellings; tech, data & privacy; and single-portal service hubs
  • The implications of these scenarios across a swathe of industry verticals, from beauty and apparel to automotive and real estate
  • Supporting quotes from experts in tech, design, innovation and more

Who Prepared This Report?

This future of home living report was developed by the same PSFK research department that since 2004 has provided trends-led innovation consulting advice to Apple, BMW, Facebook/Meta, Google, Microsoft, Samsung and Volkswagen.