The Connected Life Debrief

This major PSFK report explores an emerging mix of tech and analog products and services that are baking efficiency, balance, and growth into people’s lifestyles as they transition between different phases in their days and are helping them to live, work and play better.

In the Effectiveness & Productivity theme, the PSFK researchers explore how on-demand services and creative life hacks are helping people offload key responsibilities and make better use of their time.

In our Balance & Awareness theme, we look at how people are achieving better peace of mind by living synchronously in the cloud, while finding time to unplug from their devices at key moments.

Finally in our Personal Growth & Fulfillment theme, we examine an ever-expanding range of platforms and services that are changing how people achieve their personal goals.

We see the Connected Life Debrief serving as a guide for companies to respond to the changing needs of their customers – so that we all live a more happy, healthy and productive life.

Published May 2015 and originally titled Future of Connected Life

Featured within this report, readers can find:

  • 12 trends driving how people live, work, and play
  • 3 overarching themes
  • Implications for how individuals and businesses stand to benefit
  • Perspectives from leading experts across the globe
  • Plus a 45+ page full presentation deck


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