The Precision Care Playbook

This major report explores how a new generation of medical practitioners are using machine learning, heightened sensor sensitivity and networked data systems to grow the industry’s ability to not only gather, but also to interpret data in real time and at scale.

In the Precision Care Playbook, PSFK researchers look at how digital health tools are gaining consumer, organizational and regulatory trust as their outputs become more accurate and actionable for medical practices. Today’s living, continuous data streams can inform a more refined and holistic view of each individual along his or her ongoing health journey.

Published on August 2017 and originally titled Future of Health Vol 3 report

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Featured in the 70 page report, readers will find:
  • 3 themes that are defining precision healthcare through data
  • Recommended strategies for data-driven bespoke healthcare
  • 12 trends defining the future of the healthcare industry
  • Exclusive interviews, insights and statistical support from leading healthcare experts at IBM Watson, Capsule, Pillo and MapMyGenome
  • 60+ examples of healthcare innovation from major brands and leading medical researchers
  • Healthcare scenarios to kickstart innovative thinking
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