The Tech-Enabled Human-Touch Playbook

How Technology Adds A Human Touch To Evolve The Shopper Experience: This major report presents key trends and macro themes that retailers, service providers and product manufacturers can leverage to enhance the shopper experience in order to drive sales. Based on robust data and analysis, the Tech-Enabled Human-Touch Playbook focuses on the vibrant innovation that revolves around the physical store and outlines 10 key retail trends and their related implications and opportunity areas.

This report was originally published in February 2012 and was titled Future of Retail 2012

Featured in the 117 page report, readers will find:
  • 3 broad themes related to the changing retail shopping experience
  • 10 key retail trends that fall within the broad themes
  • Insight on implications and opportunity areas from dozens of senior retail and brand executives from companies such as Adidas, Staples, and Samsung
  • 60 leading global examples of retail innovation


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Insights From The Tech-Enabled Human-Touch Playbook

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