The Customer-First Commerce Playbook

This PSFK report presents key strategies that retailers and brands must take to create a customer-first organization that can exceed the expectations of a new generation of shoppers. The Customer-First Commerce Playbook provides an in-depth trends-analysis of the retail landscape and delivers actionable strategies for an empowered frontline, performance technology and responsive operations.

This report was published November 2016 and was originally titled Future of Retail 2017

Featured in the 68 page report, readers will find:
  • 3 pillars for customer-first business transformation
  • Recommended strategies for employee empowerment, retail technology and responsive operations
  • 10 trends defining the new retail landscape
  • Exclusive interviews, insights and statistical support from leading retail experts at Walmart, Marriott and Cisco
  • Actionable insights to guide investment and operation of in-store technologies
  • 60+ examples of retail innovation from major brands and retailers
  • Transformative retail scenarios to kickstart innovative thinking


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Insights From The Customer-First Commerce Playbook

Op-Ed Marketing Pioneer: What This Holiday Season Means For Millennial Shoppers

Dallas Lawrence of the Rubicon Project shares why holiday cheer is all about likes, views and retweets

Op-Ed Customer Service Expert: Why Offline Retail Has Better Data Than Online Retail

Healey Cypher, Founder and CEO of Oak Labs, shares why we should be thinking about the physical store as an e-commerce site

Op-Ed Digital Strategist: Why “Big Sensing” Is Key To Retail’s Future

Bud Caddell, Founder of NOBL, shares why the most capable and useful asset in any retail environment is the workforce

Op-Ed Why Personalization Is The Key To Customer Satisfaction

Andrew Blackmon of The Black Tux shares how the company is using machine-learning models to streamline the fitting process

Op-Ed Store Technology Expert: Why Retailers Must Invest In Store Associates

Jan Kotowski, Head of Product at Tulip Retail, shares his thoughts on how retailers should be preparing for the future

Interview How Marriott Is Crafting A More Personalized Experience

Marriott International's Christopher Baer shares insights into how the hospitality company is strategizing customer service

Op-Ed Consumer Data Expert: How Knowledge About Your Customers Can Empower Better Retail Decisions

Matthew Field, Co-Founder of MakerSights, shares his insights on incorporating customer feedback into business decisions

Op-Ed Commerce Expert: Why Brick-And-Mortar Shopping Can’t Be Replaced

Erin Armendinger, SVP of bio, explains the physical need of customers to experience certain products before buying