The Discovery & Travel Booking Playbook

>Multi-Disciplinary Lessons To Reimagine Planning and Booking

This major report focuses on innovation throughout the discovery and booking stages of a journey. We leveraged our cross-disciplinary expertise to provide lessons for travel from the tech, retail, media and travel industries. The Discovery & Travel Booking Playbook is meant to inspire travel brands as they look for opportunities to refresh their services to better meet the realities of the modern traveler.

This report was originally published in November 2015 and titled Future of Travel Vol 2

Featured within the roughly 40 page report, readers can find:
  • 8 Key Actions for Travel Retailing Success
  • 10 Trends Shaping Travel
  • Best Brands In Travel Index
  • 5 Services To Help You Travel Like A Local
  • 5 Travel Scenarios Bringing These Trends To Life
  • Supporting Stats and Expert Quotes
  • Implications For Better Travel Experiences
  • Plus a 30+ Page Full Presentation Deck


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