The Future Of Wearable Tech

This report examines 10 key trends that are impacting the future of wearable technologies with a focus on the basic features, form and functions of these devices and technologies and what they might replace. Aided by the increased processing speed of chips, capacity of batteries and precision of sensor technologies, devices are becoming smaller, faster and more feature heavy, nearly replacing entire electronic categories in the process and furthermore impacting the way we live, work and socialize. As we plan for the future, PSFK Labs in collaboration with iQ by intel is excited for the opportunity to contribute its point of view to this ongoing conversation.

Published January 2014

  • 30 page report
  • Featuring three macro themes and 10 key trends
  • 60+ examples of innovation described in detail
  • Relevant experts to follow in the space
  • Ideas for putting the trends into action


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Insights From The Future Of Wearable Tech

Analysis How Brands Like Volkswagen Are Rethinking Everyday Tech With Voice-Activated Engagement

From PSFK's Creating Next-Gen Content Experiences report, here is how three brands are incorporating voice activation and audio-based technology to make consumer-technology interactions more entertaining and efficient

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CEO of Havas PR North America and globally recognized trendspotter weighs in on how today’s fitness obsession fuels an anti-fat bias

Video A Wearable, Embedded Tattoo Concept, Designed to Make Life Easier

An interview with the designers at NewDealDesign, the team behind Fitbit, on the future of wearables

Video A Wearable, Embedded Tattoo Concept, Designed to Make Life Easier

An interview with the designers of Fitbit, NewDealDesign, on the future of wearables

Syndicated Apple Launches Apple Watch, its First Wearable Device

Company joins Samsung, Motorola and Sony with smartwatch that measures health and activity data

Video Dress Discharges One Million Volts of Electricity Without Electrocuting Wearer

This wearable faraday cage dress by Anouk Wipprecht and Arcattack glows bright purple when electrified

Video Juice Company Launches First Brazilian Smartband

do bem creates a wristband that measures body movements, sleep and vitals

Video 7 Items You Need to Know Today

Tech leaders take on the ice bucket challenge, Pabst resurrects Ballantine IPA and Nike unveils its fall/winter 2014 Tech Pack line