The Agile Workplace Playbook

This report uncovers major themes, key trends and opportunities to help you grow your business and progress your career into the future. Available in different formats to buy or just preview, the themes of PSFK’s Future of Work report cover the Ideal Workforce, Empowered Culture, Intuitive Connection and Agile Workplaces. PSFK extends its ‘Future of’ reports with the 140 page document that covers the new ways we are working and the implications for business and for workers.

Within each theme we describe 4 trends and each trend is supported by 4 examples, supporting statistics and implications defined by our PSFK Labs team. During this process we spoke to a number of experts to understand the trends better. Their feedback can be found in quotes and interviews throughout the report.

Published January 2013 and was originally titled Future Of Work 2013

The Future of Work is part of a series of in-depth analysis of trends driving key sectors and subject matters.

  • 138 Page Report
  • 16 Trends Described Within 4 Macro Themes
  • 64 Best In Class Manifestations of Change At Work
  • 12 Future Work Illustrated Concepts
  • Reactions By Executives From Leading Organizations
  • Supporting Stats And Research References
  • 80 Recommended 'Next Steps'


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Insights From The Agile Workplace Playbook

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