The Holidays 2020 Debrief

In the midst of uncertainty, what’s clear is that the 2020 holiday season presents retailers and consumer brands with challenges and opportunities. Driven by safety and convenience, shoppers are finding new routes to purchase, emphasizing the need for omnichannel operations that connect consumers’ online and offline experiences. Meanwhile, as online consumerism and the long-lasting impact of digitally influenced norms and behaviors reshape a tech-first retail landscape, decision makers are exploring what this means for the holiday season, accordingly transforming all stages of the shopper journey from consumer engagement to fulfillment needs and capabilities. 

This debrief looks beyond holiday and even occasion-based marketing to identify crucial themes and strategies to leverage in a disrupted 2020 as well as for the longer haul, as the pandemic accelerates trends in digital transformation and hybrid virtual-physical retail that took hold before it. 

Published September 2020

This 41-page deep-dive report includes:

  • A look at consumer behavior shifts ahead of the 2020 holiday season, encompassing spending, fulfillment demand, tech adoption and retail expectations
  • 24 trending strategies to leverage for 2020-proof and generally future-proof retail activation and sales
  • 74 best-in-class exemplary case studies

  • Additional content:

    • Summary presentation deck in PDF
    • Summary presentation deck in Keynote


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